Why Hire a Social Media Manager?

I understand that running a small business is A LOT of hard work. You have enough on your plate and I’m sure the social media and content creating stuff is the last thing on your mind. Maybe you don’t have the time, the knowledge or a real interest… but you know how important it is for your brand and the success of your company!

As your Social Media and Marketing Coordinator, my services will make your life easier and allow you to gain back time! My specialties include social media management, content creation, and all the digital stuff that can help your brand thrive!

Where Do We Come In?

Social Media is an essential piece of your business marketing strategy and can help you connect with your customers, increase awareness about your brand, and boost your leads and sales. Social media management has become more than just a side task. With the power of social influences on consumers, it is more important than ever that businesses trust a professional to manage this sector of their business. That’s where I come in! I’ll take care of these time-consuming tasks so you can focus on all the other aspects of your business, confident that your online marketing is in good hands.

Guessing your way through Facebook advertising? Finding yourself throwing together posts that lack creative content that promotes your business? Don’t have time to write content?

That’s where we come in.


Hi I’m Danielle, the founder of dp Marketing!

I’m a Social Media and Marketing Coordinator, passionate about you and your business.

I have a passion for helping small businesses achieve their big goals and dreams!

Let’s grow your online social media presence together!